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***Following is a list of questions that we have been asked over the years with regard to Deutsch Kurzhaars and German Shorthaired Pointers. The topics vary, but all the information may be useful to the new GSP or DK owner as well as to those who've owned GSP's or DK's for some time. Some of these questions are asked of us very frequently, while others are truly "one of a kind", LOL!***

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GSP's / DK's as Pets

Q1: Do GSP's/DK's make good family pets? Are they good with kids?

House-Breaking / House Training GSP's and DK's

Q2: Will our GSP/DK puppy come to us house trained?

Pro-Trainers vs. Do-It-Yourself Training for GSP's / DK's

Q3: Should I hire a professional trainer, or do my GSP's/DK's hunt training myself?

Feeding Your GSP / DK

Q4: How much and what should I feed my GSP/DK puppy or older GSP/DK?

 GSP / DK Breeding / Stud Service

Q5: Should I breed or "stud out" my GSP/DK?

GSP /DK Puppy Biting/Chewing Problems

Q6: My GSP/DK puppy won't stop biting at us--he thinks we're his chew toys! HELP! At first it was cute, but now it really hurts. . .

GSP / DK Males vs. Females

Q7: Which make better pets and/or hunting dogs--male or female GSP's or DK's?

Black and Black/Whites GSP's / DK's

Q8: What's the deal with these black and black and white GSP's/DK's? Can they be registered? Isn't that color considered a fault?

GSP's / DK's as Gifts

Q9: I'd like to give my spouse/child/fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend/parent/etc. a GSP or DK puppy as a Christmas present--I know he/she would love it. What do you think?

Buying GSP or DK Littermates

Q10: We want to get two GSP or DK puppies from the same litter and train them together. Is this a good idea?

Buying GSP's / DK's by Specifications

Q11: I am looking for a 45- pound female GSP or DK that's white, got a liver head with a white blaze, four large patches, and no ticking, just like my former dog. I want the dog on June 1st, and I want it to be . . . etc. etc. etc. Can you help me?

E-Collar Training of GSP's / DK's

Q12: My GSP/DK won't come/stay/quit barking/heel/whoa. I'm thinking of getting an electronic training collar--I hear they work miracles. What is your recommendation?

Linebreeding, Inbreeding, Outcrossing in GSP's / DK's

Q13: What do the terms "line-breeding", "inbreeding", and "outcrossing" mean when talking about a GSP's/D'Ks pedigree or bloodines?

Sit, Stay, and Whoa Training for GSP's / DK's

Q14: What's your take on teaching my GSP to Sit, Stay before teaching her Whoa? I have read a few different opinions and wanted to get yours before I started.

Potty Training GSP's / DK's

Q15: We've been diligent about taking our GSP/DK pup outside/ We take her to her "special spot" and she is doing well with this routine. However, there are times in the house where my eyes are right on her and she doesn't do any sniffing around or anything to cue us to fact that she has to go. Then it's too late to do anything except scoop her up and take her out to the yard. I don't know if we should be crating her more, if any negative reinforcement needs to be applied, or if we really are doing the right thing and she will begin to catch on. . .

The Forced-Retrieve vs. Natural Retrievers

Q16: Hi. I have a five year old GSP that is pretty smart. I have worked with him a little and I really want him ready for the upcoming dove season. I have worked with live pigeons he will retrieve them and bring it back but I have never worked with him in the field or around a gun going off and he isn't really consistent with bringing the birds back. It's like he gets bored or unfocused. I've also noticed that he chews on the bird. Do you have any advice that can help me?

Gun Sensitivity/Gun-Shyness in GSP's / DK's

Q17: Hi, I live in North Dakota, and recently bought a female shorthair who is now 5 months old. I live in prime pheasant country, and have a farm in the Central flyway for geese, ducks, and crane. I've started her on all basic commands, and recently started to work with her on the table. A few weeks ago I started to introduce her to guns and she seems to be real timid. Is there a way to go about this without making her gun shy? Thanks!

Age-Appropriate Training Schedule(s) for GSP's / DK's

Q18: I have a 5-mo old puppy who is my first GSP. I teach Special-Ed Pre-school, and she often goes to school with me, where she is a great hit with the kids. She is incredibly patient and calm with all of them. My question is this: I'm fairly new to bird-dog training (and hunting, too), but have friends that are helping me. . . Where should she be in terms of her training? She is house-broken, doesn't chew or jump on furniture or visitors, she's easy to bathe and doesn't bark incessantly, knows sit, is pretty firm on stay, and is fairly well behaved on the leash while walking or jogging with me. In the field, she is finding pen-raised quail, is pretty steady on point, (she'll whoa on point, but not too reliable on whoa at other times), and retrieves like a champ. Are we in line with where we should be at this point? I'm afraid I'm not hitting some important skills. Thanks for your time!

Canine Lupoid Dermatosis in GSP's

Q19: I have an 18-month old, spayed German Shorthaired Pointer female. She was diagnosed with Canine Lupoid Dermatosis last March. Currently I have her on steroids, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and an antihistamine. Additionally, I have just started her on Colloidal Silver. Her flare-ups include fever, itching and sores that scab over, ranging from very small to very large. Between flare-ups she has dry skin and thin hair. Do you have any info about this disease? Any success stories? My vet and Canine Specialist both say we should consider putting her down, but I am reluctant, as between flare-ups she is a happy, loving dog. Her flare-ups are sometimes weeks apart, sometimes only a few days. I am desperate to find out more information about this devastating disease. Thank You. . .

Difference Between "GSP's" and "DK's"

Q20: What's the difference between a "DK" and a "GSP", anyway? Aren't they the same breed?

Are DK's and GSP's good with other Dogs? Cats? Birds? Do They Make Good Guard Dogs?

Q21: I'm considering purchasing a DK or GSP. I have 2 other dogs--a miniature schnauzer and a Lab, two cats, and a cockatoo (pet bird). How will one of these dogs do with my other pets?

I'm confused about the color terms used to describe GSP's and DK's--Can you clarify?

Q22: I've sent a deposit for a solid liver GSP Female pup to a breeder. Since then I've found out the pup has some white on her chest and belly. I'm confused. I thought "solid" liver meant solid liver. The breeder assures me the puppy is still considered to be solid-colored. Can you please advise before I send in the balance of my payment? By the same token, I saw your description of "bright white ticked" GSP's on your website.  I'm new to the GSP breed & don't think I've ever seen a non-patched black & white GSP.  Can you please direct me to or email me a photo of a "white ticked" GSP? I have yet to see a black/white ticked or a liver/white ticked GSP with no solid face. Is it hard to find a black/white ticked GSP with NO solid black patched face?  In other words, is a "purely ticked"  GSP with zero patching anywhere on the coat--including the face--an impossibility to find?  How rare are they?Also, what is "roan"? Thank you in advance for your time.

GSP Biting Child or Children

Q23: We bought a two year old GSP female from a breeder and she wasn't used to being around kids. We have a 7 & 5 year old boys and a 3 year old girl at home and the GSP seemed good with them. I made the mistake of letting our GSP on our bed for one, but she seemed fine to play on my bed with my kids and me. However, yesterday we were just lounging on my bed with her and I turned over to kiss my 5year old son and my daughter was bitten in the face by our GSP. I asume that our daughter did something to hurt her because there was no growl. My dilemma is should I bring the dog back to the breeder or give it some time and see how things pan out. I will of course no questions asked put my daughter before any pet, but I want to make sure I do the right thing. This is our first GSP and I really think she's a good dog but the truth is I don't know if I can trust her. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thanks. . .

Seizures / Epilepsy in GSP's 

Q24: I have a 4 year old female GSP  that has become increasingly aggressive. Two years ago she was put on phenobarbital because she had a couple seizures. Today she attacked a little boy at the soccer field. She was on a leash and she was unprovoked. Could you tell me if you are aware of phenobarbital making a dog aggressive? We love this dog so much and the thought of putting her down is breaking our heart. I've decided to take her off the medicine - what do I have to lose? She also developed separation anxiety over the past two years. We've been able to correct this problem pretty much, but it sometimes rears it's ugly head. She's an awesome hunter and a wonderful pet. Please help if you have any information or could direct me to another source. Thank you.

Thunder Sensitivity

Q25: We have a 8 year old German Shorthair Male.  He has been hunting all along just fine.  This year he has just started yelping and barking going crazy with the Thunder. Do you know of anything that would help to get him to stop or not be afraid of the thunder. Anything would help. . .

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Covey Run's Whisky River

Trent Loney of Houma, LA

Hi Tim and Nancy, Just dropping a line letting ya'll know Whiskey's progress. He is just about perfection on come, heel and whoa. We're about half-way through forced retrieve and he's very familiar w/birds. Boy it costs a lot to create a setting in South Louisiana that holds quail, but I've been getting some help from local bird breeders getting quail for a half- way reasonable price. He's holding point longer and longer and I'm just about ready to start teaching him steady to wing and shot........ Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you what it's a lot of work but worth every bit of time I have invested. I wouldn't buy another dog that's not bred like he is. I never realized the difference it makes. Whiskey's amazing with his hunting skills. Thank ya'll for all the help before the sale and for breeding a puppy that's now my new best friend and hunting companion.

--Trent P. Loney


















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